109 farmers from Samtske Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli Regions attended “Soil Preparation and Seed Selection”trainings delivered by Israeli consultant Mr. Gadi Moses with assistance of the RED Programmeduring 24-27 February, 2014

The Potato Tuber Moth Pheromone Traps Programme was the second joint project RED implemented in partnership with the Georgian National Food Agency (NFA).  A Training of Trainers (TOT) session was conducted by a RED programme international expert on March 30, 2013 at NFA. A total of 25 trainees were instructed on how to install and monitor 1,000 pheromone moth traps at an estimated 250 farmer’s potato fields in Samtske Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli.
ThePotato Disease Mapping Program/Training of Trainers (TOT) for Surveyorswas the first joint project implemented by RED with the GeorgianNational Food Agency (NFA).  A TOT session was conducted by a RED Programme international expert,on March 15, 2013 on the premises of NFA. A total of 22 experts from different organizations were trained on the four main potato diseases that had spread in Georgia, and the appropriate measures to take to effectively mitigate the impact of the diseases.