Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for assistance from REDProgramme the applicant must meet ALL criteria listed below:


  • Applicant must haveparticipated(or will participate in the future) in RED training courses and show readiness to participate in project activities.
  • The proposed project should be relevant to RED project goals, objectives and planned activities and must be located in Samtskhe-Javakheti or KvemoKartli Regions.
  • The proposed project must be commercially viable. That is, profitable within reasonable timeframe and good prospects for long term growth.Special consideration will be given to attracting participation of women owners and women in senior management roles as well as inclusion of their significant role in decision making and distribution of benefits.
  • Applicants must be legally registered Georgian entities (Ltd’s, JSC’s, Associations, cooperatives, individual entrepreneurs, etc.) and be 100% private.
  • Applicants must demonstrate satisfactory evidence that the management has the skills and experience necessary to undertake the project for which assistance is being requested.
  • Applicants being financed must reasonably show that the project is contributing to the development of the RED programme regions through targeted value chain development
  • Applicants being financed must NOT be engaged in the sale or trade of military surplus, equipment or weapons;or be a direct relative (spouse, child, parent or brother/sister) of RED or SDC staff
  • Applicants being financed must NOT be engaged in production or distribution of illicit drugs, alcohol, pornography and other illegal activities restricted by laws of Georgia.
  • All applicants must show proof of their ability to match the commercial finance. Cost share, including cash, providing working capital will be accepted if it is verifiable from the recipient’s records; is not included as contribution for any other on-going donor-funded project.
  • Successful applicants must be ready to have a transparent system of bookkeeping. Applicants should be implementing Georgian Accounting Standards. All assistance recipients must be prepared to undertake an independent financial review or audit as requested by legislation and/or co-investment agreement
  • Enterprises must demonstrate adequate financial ability to implement the project. Applicants that do not have evidence of good past financial performance, or that do not have a viable financial plan, will not be eligible.